Well well, it’s about that time eh.  As of writing this paragraph, it is the penultimate day of the year.  2021.  What a year it’s been, mostly shit for everyone as you all know, with some good bits thrown in.

This was a year I barely left the house, yet when I did it was to move 100 miles away from really the only home I had ever known with the family to try something new.  I got a new job (though that doesnt start till January), which is another one where I will not have to leave the house, though you do start to miss the interaction in an office a little, not enough to make me want to go back!

In sadder news, my step dad passed away in November, and I’ve since had to spend a lot of time going back and forth between new home and old home.  I may not be much of a farmer but, it is a place of comfort.

Now, on to the more relevant stuff to a toy blog.

What did I get this year, what did I like most, what did I think sucked bums?!

Let’s start with the categories and the winners, because a long text list of things I wasted my money on is very depressing.

Best G1 Purchase – 1988 Decepticon Headmaster Squeezeplay.  One of the very few toys I can remember my dad buying me, from Toys R Us no less!

Best Main Line Purchase – Kingdom Cyclonus.  Fantastic bot with a fun transformation.  Really looks good with the SS86 stuff.

Best Masterpiece Purchase – Skids / Reboost.  This was a good return to form for Masterpiece, not too over engineered, very intuitive and looks great on the shelf!

Best Overall 3rd Party Purchase – Fans Hobby Orange Power Baser.  I’ve loved all the Power Basers I have bought, but this deco really speaks to my love of garish, bright, unashamed colouring.

Best Legends Scale Purchase – New Age Octavian.  Another marvel of engineering from New Age, I’m continually amazed by the detail they can include at this scale.

Best Weird Figure Purchase – Lemon Tree Purple Potato.  It’s Shockwave, but, it transforms in to the Revenge?  Amazing, more stuff like this please 3P!

Best Not A Robot Purchase – Vintage MotU Snake Mountain.  It’s Skeletors house, thus it is great.  La montagne du serpent!

Move Improved Figure – ER Scorponok with DNA upgrades.  This kit takes an already great figure and turns it in to a truly impressive specimen!

Worst Figure Purchase – Worlds Collide Fangry.  This figure needed to be great, it is in fact a floppy mess, and would have really benefitted from an accessory.

Gets!  Probably not an exhaustive list, I definitely missed some off, but here is what I have evidence of.

Badcube Claymore
Badcube Grump
Badcube Hypno
Badcube Kickbutt
Badcube Slick
Beast Wars Waspinator
Binaltech Meister
Crossovers Draculus
Diaclone Battle Convoy
Diaclone Dia Battles
ER Thrust
Fans Hobby Fire Guts Power Baser
Fans Hobby God Armour
Fans Hobby Naval Commander
Fans Hobby Nite Walker
FansToys Acoustic Wave
FansToys Forager
FansToys G2 Sever
FansToys Grenadier
FansToys Mercenary
FansToys Smokey
FansToys Spindrift
Figuarts Guldo and Burter
Figuarts Hit
Figuarts Piccolo
Figuarts Radditz
Figuarts Son Gohan
Figuarts SSJ Goku
G1 Astrotrain
G1 Blitzwing
G1 Bombshell
G1 Dirge
G1 Galvatron
G1 Grapple
G1 Inferno
G1 Kickback
G1 Mirage
G1 Predacons
G1 Red Tracks
G1 Roadking
G1 Sandstorm
G1 Shockwave
G1 Sixshot
G1 Squeezeplay
G1 Sureshot
G1 TM Kup
G1 TM  Cyclonus
G1 Tracks
G1 Trailbreaker
G1 Triggerhappy
Gen Select Barricade / Punch
Gen Select G2 Ramjet
Gen Select Sandstorm
GIJoe Classified Cobra Infantry
GIJoe Classified Major Bludd
GIJoe Classified Zartan
GoBots Puzzler
Haslab Covert Ravage
Haslab Unicron
Iron Factory Last Prophet
Iron Factory Void Tyrant
Jiang Xing Cold Dragon
Kindom Scorponok
Kingdom Ark
Kingdom Galvatron
Kingdom Red Alert
Kingdom Rhinox
Kingdom Road Rage
Kingdom Rodimus
Kingdom Soundwave
Kingdom Tracks
Kingdom Wingfinger
Lemon Tree Purple Potato
Magic Square Beat Back and Collide
Magic Square David
Magic Square Deadly
Magic Square Overlord
Magic Square Pillage and Contain
MakeToys Acid Swarm
MakeToys Buster Skywing
MakeToys G2 Screamer
MakeToys Meteor
MakeToys Striker Manus
MASK Bandit
MASK Firefly
MASK Iguana
MASK Manta
MASK Meteor
MFT Rapid Speed
MFT Rescue
MFT Springer
MFT Tracks
MMC Azalea
MMC Dicamus
MMC Mnemo and Motif
MMC Optus Pexus
MMC Riot and Furor
MMC Saltus
MMC Stellaris Prominon
MotU Origins Battle Armour He Man
MotU Origins Buzzsaw Hordak
MotU Origins Castle Greyskull
MotU Origins Evil Lyn
MotU Origins Faker
MotU Origins Fisto
MotU Origins Green Goddess
MotU Origins Hordak
MotU Origins LoP Beast Man
MotU Origins Merman
MotU Origins Ninjor
MotU Origins Rise of Evil
MotU Origins Stinkor
MotU Origins Stratos
MotU Origins Triklops
MotU Origins Webstor
MotU Origins Wind Raider
MotU Snake Mountain
MP11 Sunstorm
MP21G G2 Bumblebee
MP31 Delta Magnus
MP42 Cordon
MP45 Bumblebee
MP52 Starscream
MP52+ Thundercracker
MP53 Skids
MP54 Reboost
MPM12 Optimus
NECA Flash Gordon
NECA Goliath
NECA Ming the Merciless
NECA Phantom
NewAge Devastator
NewAge Stinger Warrior
PlanetX Cacus
Revelations Beast Man
Revelations Evil Lyn
Revelations He Man
Revelations Man At Arms
Revelations Skelegod
Revelations Skeletor
Revelations Spikor
Revelations Teela
Ring Raiders Jet Packs
SG Blurr
SG Jetfire
SG Megatron
SS86 Blurr
SS86 Gnaw
SS86 Grimlock
SS86 Hot Rod
SS86 Jazz
SS86 Kup
SS86 Scourge
SS86 Slug
SS86 Wreck Garr
Starcom Shadow Upriser
Toyworld Beast General
Toyworld Constructor
TransArt Black Agent
TransArt Skateboard Gorilla
Visionaries Capture Chariot
WfC Netflix Bumblebee
WfC Netflix Deseeus Drone
WfC Netflix Nemesis Prime
WfC Netflix Sparkless Bot
WfC Netflix Sparkless Seeker
XTB Double Deck
XTB Dr Egg
XTB Fuzz
XTB Jocund
XTB Locke
XTB Menasor
MFT Poison
NewAge Octavian
TransArt Optimal Optimus
Iron Factory Bayrazor