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  • Them Brows are High

    Them Brows are High

    Well well well. I had a bit of a score last week. A new vintage toy store has just opened up reasonably local to me – Vintage Toy Monster. So anyway, I saw a post pop up on the old facebook, and what seemed to be a boxed Highbrow just hanging out in the top…

  • Face me, Ape

    Face me, Ape

    Last week I managed to pick up an Apeface, complete with box – no inserts of course we can always upgrade again later. This will now be Apeface number 3 for me. My first, I got from the most unlikely and rare of sources, my Uncle. It was a family holiday to Pontins (yes, that’s…

  • Soundwave Superior!

    Soundwave Superior!

    I managed to get a fair amount of Siege wave 2 in today, and out of the few I got, one dude stands out. In the other guys defense, Soundwave always stands out, because he is so superior. To everything. Especially you.I’ve tested him out in a few poses, I know you are “supposed” to…

  • Lording it all Over

    Lording it all Over

    So, this post starts with a bit of personal history. When I was a lad, from around the age of 6 to when I was about 11, my grandparents owned two businesses. One in Winchester, and one in a tiny Welsh village just outside of Cardiff called Pentwynmaur. Because of those two businesses, my grandparents…

  • A Victorious Dragon Bird Thing

    A Victorious Dragon Bird Thing

    A long, long time ago, when I was but a mere teenager and first exploring the actual collecting of Transformers, rather than just owning a few that I had picked up as presents or from car boot sales, I spent a lot of time on the internet researching what was out there. Beast Wars had…

  • A Whole Lotta Brestforce

    A Whole Lotta Brestforce

    As mentioned previously (here) when I was around 15, I discovered the wonder that is the Japanese G1 Transformers continuity. The best of this continuity was Victory, and it remains one of my favourite series’ to this day. Whilst not the rarest of figures from this line, and certainly not the priciest, getting hold of…

  • Let’s see who the monster really is