Here we go, back again with another, relatively rare, Japanese exclusive.
This is a bit of a weird one for me, I have no childhood memories of this particular version.  I never had one as young collector.  The only thing that set’s it in my memory was that I loved and still do love the Victory series.

So, in case you couldn’t guess from the title, we are going to take a look at Road Ceaser.  Road Ceaser was a 1989 Japanese exclusive release, a 3 part combiner which made it end up looking oddly proportioned, yet still somehow absolutely fantastic?

Let’s take a look at the individual bots.

First up is Blacker, team leader, dune buggy and all around awesome guy!

In Victory, Blacker was a black and red dune buggy, that transformed from robot to the head, torso and arms of Road Cesar.  Blacker was the boss, a noble and highly intelligent warrior.  In the 91 Euro (and like, nearly every other territory), Blacker was repainted to the black and orange bot, Gripper.  This version was also shipped with just the energon figure and sword, no combiner parts were available.  What a rip off!

Next we have Braver, the red and blue Ferrari (apparently, you can’t really tell from the design, some liberties were taken).  He was the brains of the team and forms a leg for Road Cesar, though they are interchangeable.  He was slightly recoloured to different shades of red and blue for the 91 release, Lightspeed, and again, no combiner parts.  Eugh.

The last member, Laster, is the slightly less good at stuff than the other two, but still wholly capable yellow and black Lambo Countach.  He forms a leg for Road Cesar.  The 91 release saw the black parts recoloured to red and given the name Flame.

These guys are an odd set, the combiner really shouldn’t work, and yet, I dunno, I love this weirdly proportioned brick.

Here are the customary pics, though no longer from my kitchen table as I have a pretty sweet set up in the nerd room now!