So, small update from my last about moving house.  The move has happened!  The Garage conversion is in progress and should be finished in the next week or so!
It’s all going on!
Ok, enough exclamatory excitement.  So, this very day of writing, the plasterers are in making the walls all pretty and smooth, once that dries off, the electricians will be in to finish up the sockets/lights and then it will be time to paint.  I only need to do the ceiling as Mrs Dez has so very kindly volunteered to paint the walls.  I hate painting with a passion.

Once the painting is done, I need to find a new desk, which is a lot harder than it seems because I’m very fussy, then all the Billys need to go in.  

Then comes hiring a very bloody large van to get back to Southampton and empty my storage unit, honestly that’s going to be hard graft to do on my own, that thing is FULL.

Any who, here’s some progress pics of the garage and the state of my living room robots!

Update 30/12/2021

The garage is complete, all of my stuff is out of Southampton and in to my new house.  Mrs Dez is Very Not Happy with the amount of space said stuff is taking up, so I have even started disposing of packaging / flat packing some to minimise how much of the house I have taken over.

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