That’s a weird looking Buzzard!

Today we are going to take a look at Buzzard, one of the first M.A.S.K toys I can remember getting. I missed out on some of the earlier release ones, because Transformers were, and still are, life. But, I did manage to get a few of the later series ones as a kid and have been spending the last couple of months picking up them up here and there.

So, Buzzard. Miles and Max Mayhem. And a drone. The drone is cool, I liked his attitude in the cartoon of essentially being done with Miles’ shit

So let’s take a look at this bad mo’fo. It’s a Formula 1 car – automatically cool because Nigel Mansel was the bomb in the 80’s, that splits apart in to a jet and two, two-wheeled.. things. I guess they are supposed to be motorbikes or some shit but they look more like something Batman would go off in.

In this part of the series, they had moved off in to shit being about racing cars instead of, I don’t know antics in jungles and whatnot. There was a fair amount of race car type releases and they were all great, more to follow!