There is no David, only Goliath

I’m back on my M.A.S.K bullshit today, and this time we’re going to take a look at one I didn’t have as a kid but was one of my favourite vehicles in the cartoon.

So, Matt Trakker. He drove around in Thunderhawk right? Well, not just that damn Camaro! He also managed to get himself an F1 car. Being rich must be pretty damn great right?! He also managed to drag along a Native American stereotype in the form of Nevada Rushmore, who also happened to be nicknamed Chief. Yeah. The 80’s was a different time.

Any who. Goliath I and Goliath II came as a set. You got Goliath I, the F1 car, and Goliath II, sort of a flatbed truck used to transport it. You got yet another Matt Trakker and a Nevada figure in the box.

Goliath I converted in to a jet fighter, came with a couple of “slicker” missiles – you had to imagine they shat a load of ice on to the ground, and a detachable spoiler. Those spoilers these days are hard to find because of that whole detachable thing, you know what kids can be like.

Goliath II converted into a mobile battle platform. You got a pop out laser on a rotating turret and two launching missiles, which was actually quite a rarity for a M.A.S.K toy.

Enjoy some pictures of mine, it’s seen better days now of course but hey, it’s got a spoiler so that’s nice! Also, kitchen table and whatnot. I need to get a better photo set up..