My oh my it has been quite a while since I managed to do a write up on anything, sorry guys but I’ve been too busy revisiting my World of Warcraft obsession (Pandaren Brewmaster yo!) and it’s left me with so little time for anything else.

I figured it was about time to get he creative juices flowing and talk about some new (old) figures I’ve managed to get in my hands.  In fact, I have managed to get both the Western and Japanese exclusive releases which are vastly different in colour.  

So, did you know what happens when you take two Decepticon Powermaster jets and have them combine?  They turn into a bigger jet.  That’s it, that’s the gimmick.  But you know what, it’s a very, very cool jet.

So let’s take a look at the Hasbro versions first.  1988 Power Master Darkwing and Dreadwind.  They combine to form Dreadwing (or Darkwind if you read Marvel UK), an effect achieved by just jamming them together and giving them bigger wings.

Darkwing, with Powermaster Throttle, transforms in to a Tornado jet fighter.  Coming in a very fetching dark grey, purple and turquoise color scheme it’s very easy to tell he is a Decepticon.  Once unlocked, he can also become the ass end of Dreadwing.

In Japan, Darkwing was recoloured and released as Godmaster Hydra as part of the Masterforce line.  The combination gimmick was kept and known as Darkwings.  He came in a mostly blue with red highlights colour scheme and if you were lucky enough to get the box set, the art is fantastic.

Dreadwind transforms in to an F-16 Falcon with his Powermaster, Hi-Test.  they form the front half of Dreadwing.  Sporting a fetching blue and grey do, he looks pretty good.  Apart from the face sculpt, that’s a bit off.

Recoloured in Japan and released as Buster, coming with a grey body and red highlights/wings.  

Over all these guys are a fantastic looking pair in either colour, individually.  They don’t really compliment when combined, but, the jet really really does look very good.

History lesson over, here are some badly taken pictures, featuring the return of the kitchen table!