This is a follow on from last weeks post: That’s No Ginrai!  Why yes, that’s right, we can go for some continuity here!

Star Saber, Supreme Commander of the Autobots from 1989.  Again, another Japanese exclusive to the Victory line, which as you may or may not have noticed, is one of my favourites.

Way back when, on my first go around, the only Autobots from Victory I had were the Multiforce, I remember getting them in the 2 packs from Bigbadtoystore because well, for some reason they had them in stock at a reasonable price!  I had Deszaras and Liokaiser which made poor Landcross very outnumbered.  By the time I would have saved enough money to get Star Saber however, I had sold up, naively under the impression that I would never get a girlfriend (!) to stick around if I was still playing with kids toys.

Once the quest to get back all those wonderful toys began (I found that very supportive girlfriend who decided to stick around, the fool!) I managed to find last weeks Victory Leo, and after a few months, I managed to get my grubby hands on Star Saber for a decent price.

So let’s take a look at the big guy himself. He’s pretty tall, coming somewhere in the middle of Overlord and Deszaras.  He is a Brainmaster, IE, has a tiny dude that plugs in to his chest, which gets pushed up on a riser to make his face/brain.  Yeah bit weird but what can you do.
The Brainmaster plugs in to the smaller robot / jet, which then combines with the V Star booster to make the larger robot mode.  Lots of clips are needed to secure him and place and do try to remember to push the release buttons, running some risks otherwise!

In jet mode, Star Saber himself is a smaller fighter jet, but can again combine with the V Star to make a bigger jet, capable of space flight.

He comes with the Saber Blade, which is essentially a chromed blade that can be housed in a slot on the V Star, and the handle is made out of the smaller jets detachable nose cone.  He also has a gun which you can store on his back.

So, as I mentioned previously, Star Saber and Victory Leo can combine either as a larger jet, or a giant robot.  This is done by either plugging Victory Leo in Star Sabers ass as a jet, or by taking Leo apart and clipping him on to Star Saber to make a giant robot.  This robot is big enough that is will not fit in a detolf.  It also has a pretty decent wing span!  Taking pictures for this post was actually the first time I had ever combined mine, and it’s surprising how damn good they look.  If they would actually fit in the cabinet I would have left them that way!

Enough words, time to look at my kitchen and robot friends!