2022 finally see’s the long awaited, post (still continuing) pandemic return of TF Nation.  TF Nation is the largest UK based fan run convention for all things Transformers, taking over from Auto Assembly a few years ago.
TF Nation

This weekend will be an opportunity to see collecting friends from all over the country.. and further afield, for the first time since 2019 where we all foolishly thought the next time was only a year away.
I’m bringing my son this year whilst Mrs Dez stays at home (dog owner life with lack of people to sit) so have to spend the couple of days being a responsible parent and not in the bar, but that’s fine, it’s cool that we, for now, have a love of robots to share, even if it may not last a lifetime for him.

I’m not after much, Legacy Blitzwing and the new Velocitron Scourge are the only modern things on the list, and G1 is getting harder and harder to come by in the condition I want (boxed, legit bubble, paperwork, minty af), but I know Paul from The Spacebridge is brining a decent selection and I’ve got my eye on a Red Alert I’ve seen in his store a couple of times.  I suspect I will get beaten to it though, which is fine, I guess.  Otherwise, I’ll be going on a hunt around the forge, where all the fan artists are gathered, I’ve picked up some beautiful stuff over the years and the UK scene is full of some massively talented creators.  No art commisions for me this year, I left it  too late to decide I was going to attend, but I will be back on it next year when I have a bigger place to display them again.

I’ll update this post once the weekend is over with some pics and whatnot, it’s going to be a good time regardless!


So, TFN22 is done, it’s over.  We’re all back home and mostly recovered from all of the good times.   We had a slight change of plan in the end and all managed to go, the child was happy to spend all day doing robot related stuff which is a big upgrade from the last time we managed to get to an event.  Getting older has some perks! 
The Friday night I managed to have a few pints and talk to old and new friendos, general socialising and not always chatting about robots.  Almost felt like like we were back to whatever normal is.
Saturday was The Day.  Access to the trader hall, various panels and TF celebrities.  My main focus of course was toys, I expected to find very little but, happy surprises abound!
All in all, it was great to be back, I’ve missed being in a room full of like minded people.  To those I got to chat to, hello, to those I missed, sorry!  There’s always (hopefully) next year!