Next up in my series of kitchen based bullshit is Victory Leo.  I’ve written before about my love for the 1989 Transformers Victory series and I’ve managed to pick up a few of the larger bots over the last couple of years.  

Except Victory Leo, I’ve had this guy for about a decade now. I don’t even know what possessed me to buy him when I did.  I do vaguely remember the Pound versus Yen being very favourable, so it was probably my miserly instinct kicking in.

Anywho, I bought this guy, despite having no other G1 at the time exceot reissues, I can probably blame this for being the slow burning ember that brought me to where I am now, which is to say, obsessed AF with finishing the main G1 line and seeing where it goes from there.

The origin story of Victory Leo is a bit convoluted.  Right, before Victory, there was the series Masterforce.  In Masterforce, Power Master Optimus Prime was one of the main characters, except, it wasn’t Optimus Prime.  It was just a transtector (robot body) that looked EXACTLY like Prime, but was called Ginrai.  Ginrai himself was actually the tiny human Power Master, the transtector was essentially lifeless.
Anyway, in Victory.  Like all good Optimus’, Ginrai dies.  Perceptor, Wheeljack and Minerva (Masterforce) rebuild him as Victory Leo, a body designed by Star Saber to enable the combined form, Victory Saber.  You with me so far?

Victory Leo starts off all feral and savage and not really knowing who he is, but thanks to the annoying human character and the Power of Love and Friendship, they manage to draw Ginrai’s personality back to the fore and everything is tippity top.  Victory Saber is born and proceeds to kick the living shit out of all the Decepticons with ease.

The toy itself is quite a wide, solid boy, a very snazzy black, yellow and white colour scheme with red accents, and he comes with not one, not two, but three heckin big chonker cannons.  His alternate mode is a lion, with wings.  Because of course it is.  In the show, he was also given a flying form, which you can replicate, but its just a brick.. with wings.  He can combine with Star Saber, either as some kind of booser section that fits in to the ass end of Star Saber in jet mode, or you can literally pull Leo apart in robot mode and clip him on to Star Saber to make the Victory Saber robot mode.

This was 1989 of course, so posability is very limited, he does have elbows though, so that’s nice.  His wingspan is immense, and takes up the whole width of a Detolf. The V-Lock canon, IE, the biggest fukken gun ever released within the Transformers toyline, is equally large, it stands as tall as Victory Leo so as you can imagine, this makes having it on display quite the challenge.

Right, that is enough of the words and what not.  To the table with you!