Recently I went to a pretty large toy fair at the NEC in Birmingham, these fairs contain a pretty decent range of toys, the golden age of dinky/corgi right up to modern figures.  I’m usually on the look out for Transformers, but recently I’ve been on a bit of an 80’s cartoon/toy line kick and have been partaking in MASK and Starcom amongst others.

Now, picture the scene, row upon row of stalls, each with varying degrees of crap and treasures in equal measure, I must have walked by this particular find two or three times before I even clocked it was there, hidden on an end table slightly out of sight.  Maybe that’s why no one else found them?

Anywho, I was on my final walk round before calling it a day and as I was approaching a table, I caught a glimpse of the red and white box of a Starcom toy.  Oh ho I thought, and near enough ran over!

Shadowbat!  Holy shit I haven’t seen one of these since the late 80’s.

I had to have it.  It was a bit pricey, but the guy selling it assured me it was minty fresh, had all the parts and etc, so after a couple of seconds deliberation, I caved and handed over my cash.

I went home after that and it wasn’t till I got home that I opened up the box and made the discovery.  That’s a Shadow Parasite, that’s not a Shadowbat.   Out falls another Shadow Parasite.  Shit, what?!  There in the box was the Shadowbat, waiting for me.  With two bonus figures.  What had started off as a pricey but beautiful conditioned Shadowbat had just turned in to a bargain.  Needless to say, I was pretty pleased with myself and will be going back there again!

Here’s the video of me opening this bad boy up and getting a pleasant surprise Clicky for Youtube

And here, are some fine pictures of my kitchen table with Shadowbat and Starmax on.  These are some great ships aren’t they!