Lording it all Over

So, this post starts with a bit of personal history. When I was a lad, from around the age of 6 to when I was about 11, my grandparents owned two businesses. One in Winchester, and one in a tiny Welsh village just outside of Cardiff called Pentwynmaur. Because of those two businesses, my grandparents spent those years living apart, my Nan in Winchester and my Granch in Wales. Now, at the time, Granch was my most favourite person in the whole world, so I spent near enough every holiday I could in Wales with him.

Each time I went to visit, there would be the inevitable visit to a toy shop, either in Cardiff, or nearby Newport. I got some great stuff from him over the years, and quite a few stand out in my memory, but none more so than this giant lad. It was a (shockingly) sunny day in Cardiff, and we had done the usual walking around town with my Grandparents as well we my Aunt, Uncle and Cousin who also lived in Wales. As always, the final stop, done so as to prevent us kiddies from whining all the way around town about wanting to go home after we had got something for us was to call in to Toys R Us. My memory of it tells me it was at the bottom of the high street. Now whenever we went to Toys R Us, I would not even bother looking at the other aisles, it was always straight to the Transformer section with no detour.

This time, when I got there, my eyes went straight to one thing and one thing only. A huge gold box containing which was to be the then largest ever Transformer released in the UK. He even had a cool name. Say it with me. Overlord.

What a guy, Decepticon, Power Master, sorry energon figures, sort of like a Duocon, had a base mode. Overlord is everything a child could have wanted in a Transformer and more!

Of course, my childhood collection is now long gone, along with everything I amassed up until the age of 19 (a not incredibly interesting tale for another article).

Now, this will be my 3rd Overlord. The one I have currently is frankly superb, great colouring, none of the black paint is flaking off, everything about it is in fantastic condition. Ok so it’s not as good as the one I got when I was around 18 that was also still sealed until I got my grubby mits on it, but still. Damn this guy is good.

Now admittedly, the base mode is a bit.. lame, frankly. But, the overall feeling of owning Overlord, how his imposing height, towering over all the Euro-release Autobots, made for one might impressive figure.

Long did my original stand as the pinnacle of my Decepticon army, and he was unbeatable.