Soundwave Superior!

I managed to get a fair amount of Siege wave 2 in today, and out of the few I got, one dude stands out. In the other guys defense, Soundwave always stands out, because he is so superior. To everything. Especially you.I’ve tested him out in a few poses, I know you are “supposed” to have the grey plastic tabs on his shoulders folded back, but I quite like them laying across the shoulder, it adds a bit of a colour break.

Light piping! Fukken light piping, man this stuff is great, look at the eyes on this guy.

Let’s not talk about his transformation, it’s a bit of.. well, nothing. It’s ass, we’re all here for that sexy robot mode any way. You can tell this guy is a hard as nails fighter, and a noble rebel with a cause.

He’s got the usual articulation, ankle tilts, elbows, swivels, and you can even do a bit of an ab crunch, that’s a big deal in modern robots you know. He probably has more articulation than I do, because I’m old as balls and full of iron.

Got to hand it to Hasbro and Takara, they really are knocking these Siege figures out of the park, I even like the paint effects. MORE PLZ.