Machine Wars Optimus Prime eh?

Hello again!  It’s been quite some time since I made a post that wasn’t about TF Nation.  I Figured it was time to get the old creative juices flowing again and type out a flow of consciousness based around a transforming robot.

This post is a very simple write up about unboxing a nice, Mint In Sealed Box (MISB for those who don’t know) Machine Wars Optimus Prime.  This toy has remained sealed since 1997 and it pleases me to be the first to touch it.

The Machine Wars line was released along side Beast Wars, with a relatively small amount of figures, which were either repaints, or previously unreleased older moulds.

Optimus here is a slight retool of Thunderclash, the markets-other-than-US G1.5 exclusive.  Gone are the multiple loading missiles, replaced with just two and a redesigned launcher.
The face for Optimus is untouched from Thunderclash, which doesn’t make for the most recognisable Prime, but well, the colour scheme really hits home.

The other positive factor for this version over old Thunderclash, is the lack of gold plastic.  You can rest assured that at least Optimus isn’t going to crumble to dust if you so much as look at him funny.

Ironically, as this is a recolour of a European exclusive, this line never saw distribution outside of the US, which is a shame as some of the toys are fantastic.

This is actually my second sealed Optimus, having had my first in from Big Bad Toy Store, many, many years ago back when I still had my original collection, probably fairly close to the release year, thinking back on it.  Man I had some good toys.

I think that’s enough rambling now, so I shall present you with this small gallery of the various stages of the great release!

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