Browning.  That’s quite the name isn’t it?  I mean, in context, it makes sense, this little dude transforms in to a Browning pistol.  Still though, kinda weird.  Definitely not the best.

I made a short video on this guy, so I’m not going to waffle on too much in text form  – Watch it just down here.  I don’t care if you smash that like or pound that subscribe button, it’s cool, you do you.  It’s not like I’m going to be releasing regular videos.

Hope you enjoyed the video – or at least, maybe watched it a little if nothing else.

As I mentioned, this guy was a Japanese exclusive for the Masterforce year, that’s 1988 for you and me.  He also got an earlier release in the Microchange line.  In doing a bit of research on which possible version I had as a kid, I found some vindication in an old TF Square One article from Maz that I wasn’t imagining it.  I had the blue guy!

Right, here are some pictures of my kitchen table, this time featuring a small weapon that you should never take in to public unless you want to fuzz to have a very permanent word with you.